Feel the depth of classic flavor

With focus on detail that extends to cuisine, presentation, mood and surroundings.

Place where business community meets

The restaurant has enjoyed huge popularity and is year after year regarded as “the place to be”.

Specializing in banquets & on or offsite catering

Our catering and banquet specialists take pride in making your planning and ordering experience a memorable one.

Top quality ingredients only in our kitchen

Bring your appetite because we serve filling portions! Something for every taste, offering a wide array of classic choices.


We understand this is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion! Now the official caterer for several venues, our catering specialists are here to make planning and ordering a pleasant experience. We deliver or you can drop in for a pick up.

In-House Banquets & Parties

Allow us to take the worry out of planning and arranging your memorable event. Since every event is unique, we offer free consultation to work out the many details of your special day.

Rodney’s Take Out

While picking up your ToGo order.....you can choose from our fully stocked coolers filled with everything from homemade marinara sauce, signature salad dressings and six packs to homemade meatballs and soup...ALL READY TO GO!


Which area would you like to dine in? Our two spacious dining rooms, hoppin' bar for happy hour or outdoors on our beautiful deck complete with a full bar?


Walk-ins always welcome!


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